1. Are the gemstones authentic?

        Yes, we only use authentic and natural stones. In fact, all our gemstones are examined by our experienced pawn brokers. For new stones, we only source from established suppliers. 

      2. Is that okay I wear my jewellery pieces without taking off?

        For sterling silver, we suggest to take off when you take a bath as it will oxidise. For any karat of golds, you can keep it on for all the time.

      3. Is it bad luck to wear pre-owned jewellery?

        No, it is not bad luck to wear pre-owned jewellery. In many cultures, wearing pre-owned or second-hand items is common and considered perfectly normal. Many people choose to buy pre-owned jewellery because it can be more eco-friendly than buying new jewellery.

        If you are concerned about the history or energy of the pre-owned jewellery, they are cleansed by smudging with sage and leaving it out in the sun. These practices are believed to remove any negative energy that may be attached to the item.

      4. Can I add personalisation onto my order?

        We welcome personalisations such as letter engraving. If you wish to personalised your new order, please contact us with your order no.

      5. What should I do if my jewelleries does not fit anymore?

        You can always take to your local goldsmiths to alter size. Of course you can send it back to us, however, they will be a charge of HKD$500 plus delivery.

      6. What should I do if I don’t like the style anymore?

        We welcome any pre-owned jewelleries to be repurposed. If you wish to reimagine your jewelleries, please contact us for further discussion.

      7. What is pawnshop?

        It is a place that lends money in exchange for a valuable thing that they can sell if the person leaving it does not pay an agreed amount of money by an agreed time. It is one of the oldest businesses in Hong Kong.

      8. What is the difference between lab-grown and recycled diamonds?

        Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory setting using advanced technology that mimics the natural process of diamond formation in the Earth's mantle. These diamonds are also known as synthetic or man-made diamonds. They have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds and are optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds.

        Recycled diamonds, on the other hand, are diamonds that have already been mined and cut into gems, but are now being repurposed. They are sourced from previously owned jewelry or other sources, such as industrial uses or diamond cuttings. Recycled diamonds are not new, but they can still be high quality and desirable.

        Recycled diamonds are a more sustainable choice as they reduce the demand for new diamond mining, which can have negative environmental and social impacts. By using recycled diamonds, we can reduce the amount of waste and pollution associated with diamond mining.