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Complete your look with our Reimagined & Preloved Bracelet Collection. Each piece... 

Pawnshop hunt

Experience the beauty of history and embrace sustainability with our pre-loved jewellery collection.

Each piece in this collection has been carefully selected from pawnshops, offering you the chance to own a piece of jewellery with a rich past and a bright future.

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Time Pieces

Classic watches are timeless. In search of the forgotten timepieces, here is our collection of preloved watches. A true one of its kind.

  • Pawnshop

    offers short-term loans based on the value of items pledged as collateral, such as jewelry, watches, and gold.

    Many pawnshops in Hong Kong also sell pre-owned jewelry and other valuable items at prices that are typically lower than retail prices.

    Treasure Hunt 
  • Reimagine

    pre-loved jewelleries from our pawnshop hunt, to bring second life for them to shine in a contemporary everyday design.

  • Our Curation

    has everything perfect for everyday wear, unique yet simple. A piece reminisces good days and gives your good vibes. 

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